Our Lawn Care Services

“As a society we tend to take the benefits of grass for granted,” says James B Beard Ph.D., one of America’s leading turf experts and the chief scientist at the International Sports Turf Institute.

The scientific evidence clearly shows that a healthy lawn is good for the environment. “Because it’s around us every day, people don’t think about the fact that a healthy turf generates oxygen for improved air quality,” says Beard.

While mowing and raking is great, it’s just not enough to maintain the needs of your lawn.

Our 7 Step Lawn Care Program and Additional Services can help keep your lawn both healthy and happy year round.

Did you Know?

Lyme disease cases are rising each year in New Hampshire. To protect your family and pets a tick control program is essential.

Insects such as larvae, gypsy moths, mites, aphids and more can be a destructive to your property.

Grubs can destroy your lawn by feeding on your root systems. Grubs act as a food source for skunks, moles, birds and other types of animals that can dig up and create holes in your lawn.

Additional Services

Tick Control – Applied 3 to 5 times a year around perimeter of lawn and other areas needed

Vegetation Control – Weed control available for mulch beds and walkways.

Tree & Shrub Program

  • Protect: Spring & Fall dormant oil applications
  • Treat: Trees & Shrubs sprayed 3 times annually
  • Fertilize: Spring & Fall deep root feedings

Aeration and Over seeding

  • Aerating promotes a healthy lawn by perforating the soil with small holes to allow air, water and nutrients to penetrate the root system.
  • Over-seeding is done with this process to create a lush and healthy lawn. This is done in the Fall for best germination.

Slice-Seeding – Addresses troubled areas and bare spots by placing seed below the surface.



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